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Labor Savings Data

Actual Customer Information About Their Savings On A Project

Solutions as Strategy – Results

SWC’s solutions saved our customers between 55% and 70% on their“estimated” labor.

  • Proven savings on the back end
  • Organized strategy will increase the percentage of savings by at least 10%
  • Project Types tested – 10 Hospitals, 8 Waste water treatment facilities, 2 Dams, 79 commercial projects, 12 Education, 2 theme park rides, 9 trolley stations

Case study participants reported a clear advantage during bid times for having the ability to:

  • Quote Quicker Project Completion Times
  • Reduced Labor Projections
  • Created Another Profit Center After Project Award to Increase Contingency Buffers.
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Fast Pull Services

Examples of Breakout Style Cables

Stockton Correctional Facility

  • 476 Breakout Cables consisting of 88 conductors of #14 THHN Stranded – Cell Door Lock Cable
  • Finished cables (88 conductors) – 1,158,618’
  • Total Conductors – 31,1008
  • Total Linear Footage – 9,268.944’
  • Installation labor days reduced from 340 days to 102 days (set up / install / verify)
  • Material Waste Savings – 1,435,949’ of wire
  • Total Project Savings: 83%

Broadcom Tenant Improvement

  • 82 Point to Point bundles – Various lengths and conductor counts
  • Bundles stacked on 5 reels; One per electrical panel
  • 131,721’ #10 THHN Stranded
  • 1005 conductors
  • 10,579’ of finished cables
  • Installation labor hours reduced from 128 hours to 24 hours
  • Total Project Savings: 67%

California State Prison - Corcoran

Oregon Arena

Solutions as Strategy - Variables

Pull Logistics

  • Supplier and Product Availability and Lead Times
  • Site Logistics (Delivery)
  • Site Meetings (Safety, General, Company)
  • Offloading and Storage
  • Organizing, Counting, and Staging
  • Pull Planning and Wire Requirements
  • Assignments
  • Transporting Multiple Reels
  • More Trips for Stock
  • Standing over the drawings
  • Matching Lengths to Optimize Wire
  • Set up of Multiple Reels
  • Waste Management
  • Filling the Dumpster
  • Construction Schedule
  • Wire Pull
  • Ringing-Out Conductors
  • Brady Labels, Print Machine, Consumables (How many people touch this part?)
  • Scrap Percentage

Human Element

  • More Reels Looks Like More Work (Slow Starts or Longer Morning Meetings)
  • Bathroom Break Syndrome
  • Transporting Wire (The Apprentice Lesson)
  • Not having a complete understanding (Standing Over the Drawings with Another Person or Team)
  • Measure Once, Cut Twice
  • Keeping a Consistent Flow
  • Coffee Break, Rock in My Boot, I Forgot Something Behavior
  • I Thought He / She Was Going to…
  • The General Superintendent is riding us…
  • Safety Considerations (Less Movements, Less Overtime, Less Accidents)
  • Time to Pull, Contingencies, Staying on Track
  • Company Image with all Other Stakeholders
  • Illness, Injury, Interstate (Time Delays)
  • Where did my scrap go?
  • Left Overs (Brain was hungrier than my stomach)
  • More hands in the pot
  • Control from the beginning
  • Real Data vs. Reel Data
  • Lessons Learned

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