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Pulling multiple cables to multiple locations is costly, time-consuming and impractical. FastPull is designed to make installation easy, drastically reduce labor costs, avoid material waste, and simplify jobsite management. Implementation shows that FastPull cables save between 35-75% labor on every project. FastPull is the premier solution for your wire and cable needs. It makes a complex process simple. If you’re looking to maximize profits without sacrificing quality, FastPull is the product for you; custom built to specific requirements, utilizing all types of wire and cable.


  • Single-reel with multiple conductors/cables
  • Wire/cable custom identified every 3 inches
  • UL listed and certified
  • Quick order turnaround


  • Fewer reels to load and set up; increases safety
  • Identification visible in panel; no ringing-out wires; no need to label wires
  • Inspector approved bundles and assemblies
  • “Just-in-time” delivery

Spider Style

The "Spider Style" FastPull cable is a single pull consisting of multiple conductors/cables at different lengths for multiple destinations on one reel. Use mostly as a control and automation solution, SWC's Spider Cables make this difficult installation senario simple, seamless, and accurate.


Breakout Style

"The ""Breakout Style"" FastPull cable is a single-pull cable consisting of multiple conductors/cables that release at designated lengths along the path. SWC's Breakout cable is utilized for electrical, industrial, and low-voltage applications."


Parallel Style

"The ""Parallel Style"" FastPull cable a single-pull point to point cable consisting of multiple conductors / cables. This is our most common FastPull cable that is utilized in all industries for many different applications."


Spiral Wrapped Method

A single lacing tape is used to bind all components together.

Cross Laced

Cross-Laced Method

Two lacing tapes are used to bind all components. This process is also known as double-diamond lacing.

Numbered and Taped

Quick Release Taped Method

An electrical tape with a pull tab is used to bind all paralleled components. This tape is applied every 6 to 8 feet.

The Sourcery Wire & Cable Story

Sourcery Wire & Cable (SWC) was founded in 1983 by Mark and Debbi Sullivan. A true visionary, Mark was convinced he could develop a quick, more efficient way to install multiple conductors in a single pull. Having worked in the wire and cable industry for many years, he created F.F.A.S.T. (Fast Feed and Speedy Termination) cable bundling process, now known in the industry as FastPull™. In 2004, after Mark passed away, Debbi assumed the role as President and due to a strong customer base that provided her with the needed resources and support, she made a commitment to the loyal employees for the continued growth and success of Sourcery. Today, SWC is a project-based UL certified wire processing company, serving electrical, industrial, low-voltage contractors through distribution. We believe it’s of utmost importance to successfully uphold the principles and values of quality, diligence, and reliability.

~ Debbi Sullivan, President




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"We were able to install over 131,000’ of #10 THHN, 1005 wire in 82 bundles, in 1.5 days with two electricians. Normally, this installation would take 1-2 weeks."


"We broke two studios into manageable zones, obtained accurate wire lengths, and with help from Sourcery Wire & Cable, we installed prefabricated wiring (FastPull) which minimized wire waste and conserved man-hours for setting up and tearing down."


“Having the cables prepped by Sourcery was the only way we kept up with the accelerated construction schedule.”



Supplying you with quality name brand products since 1983.

Sourcery LLC is a UL Certified wire processing facility and home to the FastPull cable brand. In business since 1983, Sourcery has a proven track record of delivering best value to commercial, industrial and government contractors through distribution.

We proudly serve our clients with quality products and custom services. Through a collaborative team effort, we help you problem solve and offer innovative, cost-effective solutions to meet mission critical needs:


In today’s market with soaring material costs, time is money! Contact our Sales Department to find out how we can significantly reduce time and labor costs with the installation of our custom FastPull.

Sourcery Wire & Cable is the premier UL certified twisted wire solutions provider. With the capability to twist up to 7 conductors (branch circuit) at up to 12 twists per foot, our twisted wire product meets even the most stringent applications and specifications. Specs are available upon request.

Sourcery Wire & Cable is a one-stop shop for your striped wire and cable needs. With the capability to single, double, or triple stripe in one pass, our striped wire solutions will optimize installation labor. Common striped wire configurations are shelf stock.

Sourcery Wire & Cable offers standard and custom made-to-order pigtails in many different gauges, solid or stranded. Specific strip lengths for each end can also be requested.

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Our commitment to project management and fulfilling or exceeding delivery expectations are critical components to our past success. We deliver quality and excellence in all that we do; a standard our customers have come to expect.

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