FASTPULL Numbered & Bundled Cable

  • Point to Point Cables
  • Break Out Cables
  • Spider Cables
  • Cross-Laced, Taped, Spiral Wrapped
  • Parallel Custom Cables
  • UL Listed
Fast Pull Services

WHY FastPull?

Pulling multiple cables to multiple locations is costly, time-consuming and impractical. FastPull is designed to make installation easy, drastically reduce labor costs, avoid material waste, and simplify jobsite management. Implementation shows that FastPull cables save between 35-75% labor on every project. FastPull is the premier solution for your wire and cable needs. It makes a complex process simple. If you’re looking to maximize profits without sacrificing quality, FastPull is the product for you; custom built to specific requirements, utilizing all types of wire and cable.

The cumbersome process of pulling and terminating multiple cables to a single or multiple locations (s) comes with a high labor cost. Sourcery’s FastPull cables allow installers to run multiple cables to single and multiple locations in a single pull, resulting in significantly less labor, headaches, and waste. While the reduced time to pull a bundled cable versus multiple wires and cables is a key cost-benefit, bundled cables offer additional benefits that result in a lower total installed cost, less work-related injuries, and a significant reduction in potential safety violations. Multi-application bundled cables, combining various wires and cables together, are more convenient and less expensive to install in a variety of commercial and industrial projects. With the ability to customize, the applications for SWC’s FastPull cables are virtually endless; from hospitals to universities, to commercial building, waste-water treatment plants, and hospitality venues.


  • Single-reel with multiple conductors/cables
  • Wire/cable custom identified every 3 inches
  • UL listed and certified
  • Quick order turnaround


  • Fewer reels to load and set up; increases safety
  • Identification visible in panel; no ringing-out wires; no need to label wires
  • Inspector approved bundles and assemblies
  • “Just-in-time” delivery



Cross Laced

Cross Laced

Quick Release

Numbered and Taped


FastPull Breakout



FastPull Spider

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